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 +====== Contact ======
 +How can we help you? 
 +If you need further assistance with our Platform or could not find what you were looking for in our documentation,​ please contact us by phone or email and we will come back to you.
 +Also, if you have any suggestions or queries, we're here to help with that too.
 +<div class="​contact">​
 +<div class="​support">​
 +<div class="​wrap-information">​
 +<i class="​fa fa-envelope"​ aria-hidden="​true"></​i>​ <​b>​E-mail:</​b><​br/>​ <a href="​mailto:​%SupportEmailAddress?​Subject=Support%20Request">​ %SupportEmailAddress</​a><​br/>​
 +<i class="​fa fa-globe"​ aria-hidden="​true"></​i>​ <​b>​Website:</​b><​br/>​ <a href="​%OurWebsite">​ %OurWebsite</​a><​br/>​
 +<i class="​fa fa-globe"​ aria-hidden="​true"></​i>​ <​b>​Website/​ Support Page:</​b><​br/>​ <a href="​%SupportAdditionalContact">​ %SupportAdditionalContact</​a><​br/>​
 +<i class="​fa fa-phone"​ aria-hidden="​true"></​i>​ <​b>​Phone:</​b><​br/>​ %SupportPhone<​br/>​
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