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3.4 Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to send data to our systems with transactions in name-value pairs so that it is stored and can be included in reports, receipts and for other uses. There are two different types of custom fields: Explicit and Implicit.

  • Explicit Custom Fields: All the custom fields that are mentioned in this document are explicit custom fields, all custom fields in the XML gateway are also. They must be pre-configured in the Self Care (Setting → Custom Fields) for the particular Terminal ID that you are sending the transaction through.
  • Implicit Custom Fields: Any other fields that are sent to the Hosted Payment Page are considered to be implicit custom fields. These will be returned in the response to the Receipt Page, but will not be stored, sent to the Background Validation URL or available in any reporting features. Implicit custom fields are not supported by the XML gateway.

A Custom Field is set up to be one of three types:

1. Boolean: Accepted values are “0”, “1”, “true” or “false”.
2. Numeric: Any numeric only value.
3. String: Any value containing only alphanumeric characters, spaces or the following characters: '-&*()_+:;@#|.,/

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