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6.1 Merchant Portfolio Level Secure Card Processing

Worldnet provides the ability for a Secure Card token stored under one terminal ID to be used for payments on other terminals IDs. This is limited to Terminal IDs that are under merchants that are configured to be within the same “Merchant Portfolio” (a merchant portfolio is a group of merchants in our system).

For this specific feature, three different configurations can affect the Registration of Secure Cards providing facilities and Payments using Secure Cards:

  • Enable SC Auto Registration: When enabled, automatically attempts to create Secure Cards when Payment transactions are executed - depending on its uniqueness;
  • Enable SC Uniqueness: when enabled expands the scope of uniqueness of a Secure Card to to the Merchant Portfolio's level. Disabled considers that the uniqueness is within the Terminal level.
  • Enable SC Auto Sharing: when enabled a Secure Card created is made available for payment requests of any Terminal within the same Merchant Portfolio of the SC's Terminal.

In this scenario, the Secure Card is registered under one terminal ID as normal (this is called the “Terminal Holder” terminal, or the parent terminal of the token) and a list of permitted terminal IDs is sent in the registration request. If successfully registered then all the other terminal IDs will be able to process payments on that token or search for the token. Only requests to the terminal holder (parent) terminal ID will be able to update or delete the token though.

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