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6.1 Merchant Portfolio and Merchant Configuration for Secure Cards

Worldnet provides the ability for a Secure Card token to be stored and used in different forms, depending on the settings established for its Merchant and Merchant Portfolio.

At the Merchant Portfolio Level

At this level, when a Merchant Portfolio is configured, three different settings can be used to define how the the Secure Card Registration and the Payment using a Secure Card should occur for its Merchants:

  • Enable SC Auto Registration: when enabled, automatically attempts to create Secure Cards when Payment transactions occur.
  • Enable SC Uniqueness: when enabled, a Secure Card is unique within the Merchant Portfolio scope (all the Secure Cards of all the Merchants' Terminals), but when disabled, a Secure Card is unique within the Terminal's scope.
  • Enable SC Auto Sharing: when enabled, a Secure Card created within the Merchant Portfolio (all the Secure Cards of all the Merchants' Terminals) is made available to be used for payment by all the Merchants' Terminals. Disabled, leaves the configuration to Merchant Level.

At the Merchant Level

Any merchant can choose between sharing its Secure Cards among all of its Terminals, or not, using the following property:

  • Share all Secure Cards: When enabled, allows any Terminal from this specific Merchant to use Secure Cards of its other Terminals to process transactions. When disabled, the sharing is not allowed and each Terminal can only use its own Secure Cards.

However, if the Merchant is associated to a Merchant Portfolio with Enable SC Auto Sharing enabled, its Share all Secure Cards is automatically enabled.

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