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7 Subscriptions

Worldnet Subscriptions is a versatile and complete recurring payments solution. It can be used in two main ways:

  1. Automatic payments - This is a fully automated solution that will manage the lifetime of a recurring payment once it is registered and notify the merchant of any issues that happen during it's lifetime.
  2. Manual payments – With this solution, recurring payments are set up in our system just as they are for automatic payments. The main difference is that our system does not actually process payments automatically. Instead, when a payment is pending, the merchant should initiate the payment, either via and “XML Payment Request” or through the SelfCare System. Another difference with this method is that you can modify the amount of the payment.

Subscriptions can only be set up on card details already stored in our system using the Secure Card feature above. Subscriptions are set up in two levels:

  1. Stored Subscriptions – Stored subscriptions are not subscriptions in their own right, but instead are templates for multiple subscriptions that are registered under them. They define the period (weekly / monthly / quarterly / annually), the number of those periods (if it's a fixed number), setup price, recurring price, etc. They are intended to represent a product, for example.
  2. Subscriptions – Every subscription set up has to be under a Stored Subscription. However some of the settings of the stored subscription can be overruled by the Subscription itself, as you will see below. Subscriptions are intended to represent a specific order of a product represented by the stored subscription that it's under.

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