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7.2.6 Subscription Payment Request

Manual subscription recurring payment can be done from the XML Gateway. If automatic subscription was not paid automatically because of card details expiration or other issue it also can be paid in the same way as manual after Secure Card issue was solved. The following is an example of a Subscription Payment request:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Field description:

Field Name Required Description
ORDERID Y A unique identifier for the order created by the merchant (Max 24 Characters).
TERMINALID Y A TerminalID provided by Worldnet. NB - Please contact Worldnet to be issued with a test terminal ID.
AMOUNT Y The amount of the transaction as a 2 digit decimal or an Integer value for JPY amounts.
SUBSCRIPTIONREF Y Merchant reference of a subscription being paid.
DESCRIPTION N Transaction Description.
FOREIGNCURRENCYINFORMATION N It is accepted for eDCC enabled subscription only. See section
EMAIL N Cardholder e-mail address.
HASH Y An MD5 HASH. See note 1 below.


1. The MD5 HASH is generated using the following as an input string:


Example of a successful subscription payment response:


The following fields are returned in the response:

Field Name Description
RESPONSECODE “A” (APPROVED/ AUTHORIZED/ ACCEPTED, respectively), “D” (DECLINED), “R” (REFERRED, also considered as PICKUP), “C” (PICKUP, also known as Referral A or Referral B), and for more details, look at Transaction Responses.
RESPONSETEXT The text of the authorization.
APPROVALCODE Six digit AuthCode.
DATETIME The time of the transaction created by the bank. Format:DD_MM_YYYY:HH:MM:SS:SSS
HASH An MD5 HASH. See Note 1 below.


1. The MD5 HASH is generated using the following as an input string:


Errors handling
If subscription payment was not accepted, error message will be returned:

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