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7.3 Subscription Notifications

The Subscription Notification URL can be set in the Terminal Setup page of the Self Care. If this is set a POST notification will be sent to this URL each time automated activity happens on any active subscriptions. Note that manual changes applied to subscriptions via the Self Care will not generate these notifications.

The data sent to the Subscription Notification URL contains the normal subscription response fields as well as these extra fields:

Field Name Description
NOTIFICATIONTYPE Possible values for subscriptions are:
Possible values for stored subscriptions are:
TERMINALID The Terminal ID thay the subscription is set up on.
ORDERID The Order ID that the system assigned to the Subscription payment. Only sent for SUBSCRIPTIONSETUPPAYMENT and SUBSCRIPTIONRECURRINGPAYMENT
AMOUNT The amount of the subscription payment as a 2 digit decinal or an Integer value for JPY amounts. only sent for SUBSCRIPTIONSETUPPAYMENT and


1. Subscription payments (SUBSCRIPTIONSETUPPAYMENT and SUBSCRIPTIONRECURRINGPAYMENT) MD5 HASH is calculated using the following as an input string:


The successful response expected to this request is a body containing a “OK” with a HTTP Status of 200. Anything else will be considered an unsuccessful attempt of notification by the gateway.

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