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8.2 Request CSV File Format


Field Name Required Description
Order ID Y A unique reference generated by Merchant system to identify the transaction (Max 24 Characters).
Currency Y ISO 4217 Currency Code.
Amount Y Amount formatted to two decimal places. E.g. 1653.00.
Card Number Y Card PAN. Can be SecureCard Card Reference
Card Type N See section 3.2 above. Leave blank if using SecureCard.
Card Expiry N MMYY. Leave blank if using SecureCard.
Cardholder Name N The cardholders name. Leave blank if using SecureCard.
Address 1 N AVS Address Line 1.
Address 2 N AVS Address Line 2.
Post Code N AVS Address Post Code.
Date Time Y Format: DD-MM-YYYY:HH:MM:SS:SSS
Hash Y An MD5 HASH of TerminalID + OrderID +Amount +DateTime+secret Amount should be formatted to 2 decimal places.
Auto Ready N Set to Y for setting auto ready or N to mark as pending.
Description N Optional transaction description.
Email N Card holder email for notification.

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