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8.5 Response File Format

The response data is returned in a csv file. It will contain the results of the transactions in a specified bulkid.

Field Name Required Description
Order ID Y Order ID supplied by merchant in request. (Max 24 characters).
Approval Code N Will be present for a successful authorisation.
Response Code N “A” (APPROVED/ AUTHORIZED/ ACCEPTED, respectively), “D” (DECLINED), “R” (REFERRED, also considered as PICKUP), “C” (PICKUP, also known as Referral A or Referral B), and for more details, look at Transaction Responses.
In the case of an error there is an 3 digit
numeric error code contained in this
100 Order Already Processed
101 System Error
Response Text Y Text describing state of transaction. Error message will be displayed here if an issue was encountered while processing transactions.
DateTime N Only sent in the case of no error, same
format as in request.
Hash Y An MD5 HASH. See Note 1 below.


1. The MD5 HASH is generated using the following as an input string:

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