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 +====== Mobile Payments Setup ======
 +We also provide a mobile application which can be download for different platforms. Take a look at one of the following options!
 +===== Downloadable Manual =====
 +<​html> ​
 +<div class="​boxes">​
 +<a href="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=merchant:​existing_merchant:​mobile_payments:​downloadable_manual:​appsetupandroid.pdf"​ class="​box">​
 +<i class="​fa fa-android"></​i>​
 +<​p>​Click here and download the setup short guide</​p>​
 +<a href="/​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=merchant:​existing_merchant:​mobile_payments:​downloadable_manual:​appsetupios.pdf"​ class="​box">​
 +<i class="​fa fa-apple"></​i>​
 +<​p>​Click here and download the setup short guide</​p>​
 +===== PIN Pad Setup =====
 +Set up PIN Pad
 +**Power on PIN Pad**
 +  - Press power button for three seconds.
 +To ensure **Bluetooth is enabled** on the PIN Pad 
 +  - Press yellow button.
 +  - Press 'arrow button down' twice to '​Settings',​ press '​OK' ​
 +  - Press 'arrow button down' twice to '​Bluetooth',​ press '​OK'​.
 +  - Ensure Mode is "​Enabled"​. If Disabled, press ‘OK’ to enable.
 +  - Once enabled, press red button back to start.
 +Make sure to press to get back to '​home'​ screen, Bluetooth won't work otherwise.
 +===== Smartphone Setup =====
 +**Download and install the app**
 +  - Go to the App Store (iPhone) or the Play Store (Android). ​
 +  - Tap on the Search icon.
 +  - Enter “%CompanyName Mobile”. ​
 +  - Select the %CompanyName Mobile free application.
 +  - Install the App.
 +**Enable Bluetooth**
 +  - In the phone settings find Bluetooth settings. ​
 +  - Turn Bluetooth to ‘On’. ​
 +  - Phone should start scanning for the PIN Pad, If not manually scan for device. ​
 +  - The PIN Pad name will be similar to the serial number on the back of the PIN Pad, but beginning with ‘PP’. ​
 +  - Tap on the name and if asked to confirm a code tap '​OK'​ or '​Confirm'​. ​
 +**Setup the %CompanyName App settings**
 +  - Open %CompanyName Mobile App. 
 +  - In top right-hand corner click on settings dots for app settings. ​
 +  - Tap on ‘Terminal ID’, input Terminal ID sent by email.
 +  - Tap on ‘Shared Secret’, input Shared Secret sent by email.
 +  - Once done tap ‘back’ button on phone.
 +  - You should hear a beep, confirming the Bluetooth connection of the App to PIN Pad and the Bluetooth icon should go blue.
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