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 +====== PCI DSS Compliance ======
 +{{merchant:​existing_merchant:​Service Provider Badge FINAL (2019 Version).png?​250}}
 +The **Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard** (PCI DSS) is a set of regulations that ensure any business using sensitive card details maintains a secure and safe environment. ​
 +Compliance with PCI regulations will help to alleviate vulnerabilities for your business. ​
 +As a Level 1 PCI compliant business %CompanyName offers our customers a safe and secure way of accepting card payments while reducing their responsibility and requirements for the PCI DSS. This allows merchants to establish themselves as compliant with ease.  ​
 +Successful completion of the SAQ and adherence to the standards qualifies a business for a PCI certificate of validation.
 +| **PCI DSS - Attestation of Compliance (AoC)** | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​pci-dss-aoc-worldnet-tps.pdf| AoC - 2015}} |
 +| **PCI DSS - Attestation of Compliance (AoC)** | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​worldnet_aoc_2016_redacted_.pdf| AoC - 2016}} |
 +| **PCI DSS - Attestation of Compliance (AoC)** | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​worldnet_aoc_v1.0_2017_signed_.pdf| AoC - 2017}} |
 +| **PCI DSS - Attestation of Compliance (AoC)** | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​worldnet_tps_p2081-3_pci-dss_3.2_aoc_2018_v1.0_-signed.pdf| AoC - 2018}} |
 +| **PCI DSS - Attestation of Compliance (AoC)** | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​Worldnet AOC 2019.pdf| AoC - 2019}} |
 +| **PCI DSS - QSA Certificate** ​                | {{merchant:​existing_merchant:​WorldNet TPS 2019 PCI DSS Certificate.pdf|Sysnet Global Solutions PCI DSS Cert - 2019}} |
 +=== Card Scheme service provider lists ===
 +You can find Worldnet listed on the card scheme service provider lists also, Please see here for more details:
 +  * [[https://​www.visa.com/​splisting/​searchGrsp.do|Visa Global Registry of Service Providers]]
 +  * [[https://​www.mastercard.us/​content/​dam/​mccom/​global/​documents/​Sitedataprotection/​site-data-protection-pci-list.pdf|The Mastercard SDP Compliant Registered Service Provider List]]
 +=== Requests for further compliance documentation ===
 +The information above is considered sufficient to verify PCI DSS compliance. As part of our Security Policy %CompanyName do not provide more detailed information or reports, such as scan reports or any other details that are covered by our level 1 PCI DSS compliance accreditation. All requirements have been met and all systems are confirmed to be secure as part of the accreditation.
 +In certain special circumstances,​ and subject to having a signed mutual NDA, %CompanyName may at its discretion provide further details. Please contact your %CompanyName representative for more information.
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