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 +====== Settings ======
 +Under the "​**SETTINGS**"​ tab in the %SelfCare, you can find the following options:
 +  * **Pay Pages**: to view the hosted payment page layout template options.
 +  * **Users**: to view the current users who have the access to your merchant account. With the correct permissions level, the current user can **delete** other current users or add **New Users**.
 +  * **Terminal**:​ to view the terminal settings. You can view and modify some of the virtual terminal (VT) settings that best accommodate your business practices. ​
 +  * **Cards**: to view the Payment Cards which are enabled on your terminal, as well as the list of Gateway cards in the **CARDS** section.
 +  * **Custom Fields**: to configure custom fields use for the Terminal. It includes: Field Name, Size, Display Order, mandatory flag and links to delete/edit the field.
 +  * **Email Alerts**: to configure e-mail notifications regarding transactions'​ events.
 +  * **SMS Alerts**: to configure SMS notifications regarding transactions'​ events.
 +  * **Receipt**:​ to add a receipt disclaimer (currently available for Virtual Terminal).
 +  * **Apple Pay Certificate**:​ to set the configurations of a apple pay certification so apple pay services can be used by the Terminal.
 +  * **Android Pay EC Key Pair**: to set the configurations of a android pay key so android pay and google pay services can be used by the Terminal.
 +  * **Enhanced Data Templates**:​ to configure templates to be used with transactions,​ providing pre-defined enhanced data to qualify for Level 2 or Level 3 programs with your acquirer. This feature can only be used if your terminal is configured to use //​Transaction Enhanced Data// and if your Acquirer accepts enhanced data (consult our support team for more details).
 +For further information on the Settings please refer to the following sections:
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​cards|Cards]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​custom_fields|Custom Fields]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​dynamic_descriptors|Dynamic Descriptors]] \\ {/gateway}
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​e-mail_alerts|E-mail Alerts]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​pay_pages|Pay Pages]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​receipt|Receipt]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​sms_alerts|SMS Alerts]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​terminal|Terminal]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​routing_balancing|Routing and Balancing]] ​ \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​account_updater|Account Updater and Background Notifications]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​users_new_user|Users - New User]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​users_permissions|Users - Permissions]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​users_existing_user|Users - Existing User]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​users_delete_user|Users - Delete User]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​apple_pay|Apple Pay Certificate]] \\
 + ​[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​enhanced_data_templates|Enhanced Data Templates]] \\
 +Sample **Settings** window:
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