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 +====== Account Updater ======
 +“Account Updater” refers to secure cards saved on %CompanyName’s system, which have had their Cardholder details updated electronically via “Visa Account Updater” (VAU), and “Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater” (ABU) respectively. This is a process which helps to ensure a smooth automatic billing cycle by minimising payment disruptions due to account changes.
 +Example Use Case:
 +  * Customers secure card is saved to the gateway.
 +  * A monthly subscription is created for the customer.
 +  * Time passes, and eventually the card expires.
 +  * %CompanyName sends a request to Mastercard or Visa asking for the new card details.
 +  * Visa/​Mastercard sends the updated card details back to %CompanyName.
 +  * The customers card (secure card) is updated with new info.
 +  * Next months subscription won’t be affected because we now have the correct card details stored for the customer.
 +===== Account Updater Background Notification =====
 +Account Updater Background Notification (AUBN) is a tool that enables merchants to receive the updated card details.
 +The merchants will receive the information below:
 +  * New expiry date.
 +  * New card number, if it has been changed.
 +**Secure Card Custom Fields (SCCFs)**
 +At the moment, secure card custom fields are only useful with Account Updater Background Notifications. Because of this, SCCFs are only editable/​viewable when Account Updater Background Notifications are Enabled.
 +**SCCFs Limit**
 +  * Each terminal can have a maximum of 3 SCCFs.
 +  * These fields are useful for any custom data the merchant wants to record about the customer for example: accounting software related data.
 +**To create SCCFs on the %SelfCare System**
 +Once the Secure Card Custom Fields are set, they will be displayed when adding or editing a Secure Card in %SelfCare system.
 +To know more about how to create custom fields, visit the **[[merchant:​existing_merchant:​selfcare_system:​settings:​custom_fields|Custom Fields]]** page.
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