Merchant Details

In this section, we will learn how to set up an account.

Let's start with the Merchant Contact Details as per screenshot below:

Merchant Contact Details


Merchant Contact Details Description
DBA Name Doing Business As - Business Name as it appears in the activation report
Contact Name Main Business Contact
Phone Merchant's Phone Number
Email Invoice Email
Website Merchant's website (if applicable)
City As it appears in the activation report
MCC Merchant Category Code (Provided in the activation report)
Address Business address as it appears in the activation report

Merchant Portfolio Settings


Merchant Portfolio Settings Description
Gateway Worldnet or 3rd Party Gateway
Merchant Portfolio This is available to group merchants under one portfolio and to create a portfolio administrator who can access, add and modify merchant groups under that portfolio.
Partner Portfolio This is a filtering option for grouping merchants on the admin system. This option doesn't allow for any specific access or merchant modifications.

Merchant Pricing Details


Merchant Pricing Details Description
Pricing Type If changed for terminal the price will be allocated
Pricing Templates If the merchant is part of a partner portfolio, a template can be made to apply to all merchants and it will be applied for merchants included in the portfolio
Monthly Fee Fixed Monthly Base Fee
Monthly Fee Type Included transactions
Included Transactions Monthly number of transactions included in Base Fee
Per Txn Charge per transaction after included transaction limit reached
Transaction Classification If “All” selected, the merchant will be charged for any transactions including approval, declined, referral or void whereas if “completed”, they will be charged only for approved transactions
Per 3DS (+) Charge per 3DS transaction
Per eDCC (+) Charge per eDCC transaction
Per Token (+) Charge per Secure Token transaction
Per SMS Charge per receipt or notification sent by SMS
Max Mind Request Security feature - Contact Support Team for more information

Merchant Charging Details


Merchant Charging Details Description
Charging Currrency Invoice's currency
VAT Exempt Check this option if merchant is legally VAT exempt
VAT Number Merchant VAT number
Billing Type Invoice or Direct Debit Bank Details
Do not bill next month Check this option if merchant should not be billed the following month
Reason Reason for not bill

General Setup


Merchant General Setup Description
Share All Secure Tokens This configuration enables a Merchant to define that all the Secure Tokens in its Terminals should be shared amount themselves or not.
Share Secure Tokens from deactivated terminals Depends on enabling “Share All Secure Tokens”. Allows merchants to also use the Secure Tokens of Deactivated Terminals. In case the merchant is already associated to a Merchant Portfolio with this configuration enabled, this one is automatically enabled.
Enable Single Transaction Limits Enables the Merchant to have general limits for single transactions on its terminals, regarding or not rules like: CVV and AVS verification.
Customize Register Secure Token Button Text Enables a merchant to define the text for a Secure Token registration button at the Payment Gateway side for customers' interfaces.

Enable Single Transaction Limits

If selected, this option enables to configure a Merchant with limits for single transaction in all of the Merchant's Terminals.

This feature is useful in cases a Merchant needs, given risk policies or business rules, define limits to avoid charge backs or constant declines for purchases which are being normal limits.

Let's consider the following case:

  • I) A Merchant wants to permit its terminals to allow transactions regardless the value, but
  • II) In case the transaction can't verify AVS, limit each transaction to a maximum of EUR 1000.0, or
  • III) In case the CVV can't be verified, limit each transaction to a maximum of EUR 100.0, or even
  • IV) If none can be verified, limit each transaction to EUR 10.0

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