Under the “SETTINGS” tab in the SelfCare, you can find the following options:

  • Pay Pages: to view the hosted payment page layout template options.
  • Users: to view the current users who have the access to your merchant account. With the correct permissions level, the current user can delete other current users or add New Users.
  • Terminal: to view the terminal settings. You can view and modify some of the virtual terminal (VT) settings that best accommodate your business practices.
  • Cards: to view the Payment Cards which are enabled on your terminal, as well as the list of Gateway cards in the CARDS section.
  • Custom Fields: to configure custom fields use for the Terminal. It includes: Field Name, Size, Display Order, mandatory flag and links to delete/edit the field.
  • Email Alerts: to configure e-mail notifications regarding transactions' events.
  • SMS Alerts: to configure SMS notifications regarding transactions' events.
  • Receipt: to add a receipt disclaimer (currently available for Virtual Terminal).
  • Apple Pay Certificate: to set the configurations of a apple pay certification so apple pay services can be used by the Terminal.
  • Android Pay EC Key Pair: to set the configurations of a android pay key so android pay and google pay services can be used by the Terminal.
  • Enhanced Data Templates: to configure templates to be used with transactions, providing pre-defined enhanced data to qualify for Level 2 or Level 3 programs with your acquirer. This feature can only be used if your terminal is configured to use Transaction Enhanced Data and if your Acquirer accepts enhanced data (consult our support team for more details).

For further information on the Settings please refer to the following sections:

Custom Fields
E-mail Alerts
Pay Pages
SMS Alerts
Account Updater and Background Notifications
Users - New User
Users - Permissions
Users - Existing User
Users - Delete User
Apple Pay Certificate
Enhanced Data Templates

Sample Settings window:


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