PHP XML Payments with 3D Secure

In this section, you can find sample code for the 3D Secure redirect before the payment.

Once you receive the response to the “MPI Receipt URL” you will have an MPIREF parameter. You should then process a payment and include that parameter. The sample code for the XML payment stage is here.

You should also use this Testing Guide that also contains test card details.

Settings file (
# These values are used to identify and validate the account that you are using. They are mandatory.
$gateway = '';			# This is the WorldNet payments gateway that you should use, assigned to the site by WorldNet.
$terminalId = '';       # This is the Terminal ID assigned to the site by WorldNet.
$currency = '';			# This is the 3 digit ISO currency code for the above Terminal ID.
$secret = '';			# This shared secret is used when generating the hash validation strings. 
						# It must be set exactly as it is in the WorldNet SelfCare system.
#$testAccount = true;   # Commented out as there is no functional test MPI page

# These are used only in the case where the response hash is incorrect, which should
# never happen in the live environment unless someone is attempting fraud.
$adminEmail = '';
$adminPhone = '';

3D Secure redirect (worldnet_payment.php):

# This is the file that contains the account settings for WorldNet.
# This is a helper file for intgerating to the WorldNet HPP in PHP.
# These values are specific to the cardholder.
$cardNumber = '';		# This is the full PAN (card number) of the credit card. It must be digits only (i.e. no spaces or other characters).
$cardType = '';			# This can only be one of a set number of values (VISA,DELTA,MASTERCARD,MAESTRO,UK MAESTRO,LASER,AMEX,DINERS,JCB,SECURECARD for example). Check with WorldNet what values you can send.
$cardExpiry = '';		# The 4 digit expiry date (MMYY)
$cvv = '';			# (optional) 3 digit (4 for AMEX cards) security digit on the back of the card.

# These values are specific to the transaction.
$orderId = '';			# This should be unique per transaction.
$amount = '';			# This should include the decimal point.
$host = '';				# This is your host eg. http://localhost:8000
$dateTime = requestDateTime();
# If there's no orderId set then generate a unique time-based order ID.
if(!isset($orderId) || $orderId == '') $orderId = generateUniqueOrderId();
# Verification string

$requestHash = mpiRequestHash($orderId, $cardNumber, $cardExpiry, $cardType, $amount, $dateTime);
$requestURL = $host.'/merchant/mpi';
# Write the HTML of the submission form
echo "<html><body><form id='worldnetmpiform' action='" . $requestURL . "' method='post'>\n";
writeHiddenField("TERMINALID", $terminalId);
writeHiddenField("CARDNUMBER", $cardNumber);
writeHiddenField("CARDTYPE", $cardType);
writeHiddenField("CARDEXPIRY", $cardExpiry);
writeHiddenField("AMOUNT", $amount);
writeHiddenField("CURRENCY", $currency);
writeHiddenField("ORDERID", $orderId);
if(isset($cvv) && $cvv != '') writeHiddenField("CVV", $cvv);
writeHiddenField("DATETIME", $dateTime);
writeHiddenField("HASH", $requestHash);
# Write the JavaScript that will submit the form to WorldNet.
echo '</form>Submitting order to WorldNet for Payment...<script language="JavaScript">document.getElementById("worldnetmpiform").submit();</script></body></html>';

Response page (worldnet_mpi_response.php) (URL for this page is setup as “MPI Receipt URL” through Terminal Setup in the SelfCare):

# This is the file that contains the account settings for WorldNet.
# This is a helper file for intgerating to the WorldNet HPP in PHP.
	switch($_REQUEST["RESULT"]) {
		case "A" :	# 3D Secure validation successfully attempted. Proceed with transaction including the below reference in the authorisation request:
				$mpiRef = $_REQUEST["MPIREF"];
		default  :	# 3D Secure validation failed. Do not proceed with the transaction.
				echo '3D SECURE VALIDATION FAILED! Please try again with another card.';
} else {
	echo '3D SECURE VALIDATION FAILED: INVALID RESPONSE HASH. Please contact <a href="mailto:' . $adminEmail . '">' . $adminEmail . '</a> or call ' . $adminPhone . ' to inform them of this error.';
	if(isset($_REQUEST["ORDERID"])) echo 'Please quote WorldNet Terminal ID: ' . $terminalId . ', and Order ID: ' . $_REQUEST["ORDERID"] . ' when mailling or calling.';

Helper file (
# This function returns the URL that should be used as the "action" for the form posting the WorldNet's servers.
function mpiURL() {
	global $gateway, $testAccount;
	$url = 'https://';
	# if($testAccount) $url .= 'test';       # Commented out as there is no functional test MPI page
	switch (strtolower($gateway)) {
		default :
		case 'worldnet'  : $url .= ''; break;
		case 'cashflows' : $url .= ''; break;
		case 'payius' : $url .= ''; break;
		case 'pago' : $url .= ''; break;
	$url .= '/merchant/mpi';
	return $url;
# This simply reduces the PHP code required to build the form.
function writeHiddenField($fieldName, $fieldValue) {
	echo "<input type='hidden' name='" . $fieldName . "' value='" . $fieldValue . "' />\r";
# This generates a DATETIME value in the correct format expected in the request.
function requestDateTime() {
	return date('d-m-Y:H:i:s:000');
# If you are not using your own Order ID's and need to use unique random ones, this function will generate one for you.
function generateUniqueOrderId() {
	$seconds = date('H')*3600+date('i')*60+date('s');
	return date('zy') . $seconds;
# This is used to generate the Authorisation Request Hash.
function mpiRequestHash($orderId, $cardNumber, $cardExpiry, $cardType, $amount, $dateTime) {
	global $terminalId, $secret;
	return md5($terminalId . $orderId . $cardNumber . $cardExpiry . $cardType . $amount . $dateTime . $secret);
# This function is used to validate that the MPI Response Hash from the server is correct.
#     If mpiResponseHashIsValid(...) != $_REQUEST["HASH"] then an error should be shown and the 3D Secure should not be validated.
function mpiResponseHashIsValid($result, $mpiRef, $orderId, $dateTime, $responseHash) {
	global $secret;
	return (md5($result . $mpiRef . $orderId . $dateTime . $secret)==$responseHash);
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