User Management

In this section we will learn to create and manage user accounts.



Users Settings and Permissions Definition
Username Unique user account
Email User email address
Allow Payment Pages Permission to access templates available for Payment Page
Allow Terminal Setup Permission to configure and setup terminal
Allow Refund Permission to process refunds
Allow Virtual Terminal Permission to process payments on Virtual Terminal
Allow CHP on Virtual Terminal Permission to process payments on Virtual Terminal using CHP methods.
To be able to see this option, you user needs to have associated at least one Terminal.
This terminal must be CHP enabled and its acquirer should also allow this feature.
Contact our support team for more details.
Allow Users Setup Permission to create new user
Allow Open Batch Access to transactions that haven't been settled
Allow Closed Batch Access to settled transactions
Allow Bulk Payments Allows to process multiple transactions at once
Allow Billing Access to billing section
Allow Secure Tokens Storage Permission to store cards
Allow Subscriptions Permission to process subscriptions
Allow Dashboard Visualise statistics payments
Allow ACH Transactions Automated Clearing House - available only in the US

Allow Processing Terminals

Allow Processing Terminals Definition
Processing Terminals Select terminals that would be available for each user

Allow Routing Terminals

Routing Terminals Definition
Select All Contact Support Team to check if this feature is available for you.

One Time Password Resetting

When necessary, it's possible to send a new password reset link for users using the Resend welcome e-mail option, as seen in the image below.

This action will send a 30 minute once valid link so the user can just enter a new password. Once used, the link only works as a “Forgot my Password” link, triggering more requests for a new password.

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