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 +====== .NET Hosted Secure Card Amazon Solution ======
 +This solution requires our Card Storage solution called **SecureCard**. It's designed so that the checkout is like the Amazon checkout, in that the cardholder must register a card for their account and then they can use, update or delete the card info in their account settings. The integration is quite complex though, as there is a lot of functionality.
 +The first thing they will need to do is register their card. 
 +Full documentation can be found in **[[developer:​api_specification|API Specification]]**.
 +If you are using an ACH integration,​ full documentation can be found in **[[developer:​api_specification_ach_jh|API Specification - ACH JH]]**.
 +Here is some sample code to help in this integration:​
 +**The code for generating a HASH is:**
 +using System.Security.Cryptography;​
 +using System.Text;​
 +protected static String GetHash(String plainString)
 +    byte[] toBeHashed = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(plainString);​
 +    MD5CryptoServiceProvider cryptHandler = new MD5CryptoServiceProvider();​
 +    byte[] hash = cryptHandler.ComputeHash(toBeHashed);​
 +    String hashed = "";​
 +    foreach (byte i in hash)
 +    {
 +        if (i < 16)
 +            hashed += "​0"​ + i.ToString("​x"​);​
 +        else
 +            hashed += i.ToString("​x"​);​
 +    }
 +    return hashed;
 +**You should generate the "​datetime"​ value using:**
 +You should then store the card token details as per the sample code. 
 +You can then in the future update the card details using the same sample code. 
 +You can also delete it using the "​**XmlSecureCardDelRequest**"​ method in our **XML API**.
 +You may also require 3D Secure - refer to the 3D Secure section on the integration guide.
 +In this case you will implement the 3D secure before the XML payment, and then include the MPIREF in the payment request.
 +When you want to pay using a card, you can do this by using this XML sample code. 
 +Note that you will have to use the "Card Reference"​ from before in place of the Card Number - you will not need to send the Expiry Date - and the Card Type will be "​**SECURECARD**",​ but the sample code takes care of all of this.
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